Immigration Services in the UAMS Office of Human Resources provides assistance, resources, and advice on a variety of immigration-related employment issues and topics. We manage and monitor the employment eligibility of foreign national employees, advise departments and employees on immigration-related issues, and process H-1B and J-1 visa petitions. We also provide consultations on employer-sponsored green card processes.

Immigration Services

Notice of Intent to Hire H-1B/E-3 Employees

In compliance with Department of Labor requirements for employers petitioning for H-1B / E-3 visas, this page lists positions for which the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences intends to hire H-1B employees. Candidates have already been selected to fill the positions; the ‘Notice of Intent to Hire’ is not a posting for an open position.

Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts and/or failure to comply with the terms of the Labor Condition Application (LCA) may be filed using the WH-4 Form with any office of the Wage and Hour Division, Employment Standards Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. A listing of the Wage and Hour Division offices may be obtained at

The LCA is available for public inspection at:

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4301 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone: 501-686-8132

Research System Analyst Intermediate – I-200-22125-138407

Assistant Professor – I-200-22125-138667

Instructor – I-200-22125-138884

Assistant Professor – I-200-22126-144909

Assistant Professor – I-200-22130-155652

Assistant Professor – I-200-22137-181806

H-1B Visas

An H-1B is a temporary employment visa classification. In order to qualify, the person must have at least the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree and the position must require at least the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. In addition, the employer must agree to pay the prevailing wage for the position or the actual wage, whichever is higher. Actual wage means that the person can not be paid any less than anyone else in the Department with the same title, same/similar job duties, with the same education and experience.

There are several fees associated with H-1B sponsorship that are required to be paid by the sponsoring Department including the Filing fee of $460.00 and the Fraud fee of $500.00. Both must be paid by separate checks and made payable to the Department of Homeland Security. These fees are due prior to the submission of the petition packet to USCIS.

UAMS, as an Institution of Higher Education, is exempt from the H-1B cap.

Additional H-1B Visa Information

J-1 Visas

J-1 Exchange Visitor Program The J-1 is an exchange visitor classification designed for the purpose of exchanging ideas, knowledge and culture between the U.S. and other countries. The intent of this classification is for individuals to enter the U.S. for a specific and limited period of time, attain knowledge, hone skills and return to their home country to share the knowledge and experience gained in the U.S. UAMS is currently approved to host Short-Term Scholar and Research Scholar category exchange visitors.

Additional J-1 Visa Information

Permanent Residence

The Permanent Residence Process: Getting a Green Card:

Foreign national employees often wish to pursue Lawful Permanent Residence (LPR), or a “green card.” LPR status allows you to live and work permanently in the United States, as opposed to renewing a nonimmigrant visa status every few years. LPR status also allows you to work for any employer in the U.S. The steps you must take to apply for a Green Card will vary depending on your individual situation. Below is information specifically about Employment-Based permanent residence processes. For information about other categories, such as family-sponsored or marriage-based green cards, visit the USCIS website.

Additional Permanent Residence Information


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