The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) offers a wide variety of benefits to eligible employees and their families. UAMS invests millions of dollars annually to provide a substantial benefits package which includes health and dental insurance, retirement program, and vacation and sick leave.

Eligible employees must enroll within 30 days of hire date. Most benefits take effect on the first day of the following month.

Here are some of the benefits available to you.


UA Retirement Plan

The University of Arkansas Retirement Plan (UARP) is a 403(b) and 457(b) “defined contribution” plan. That means your benefits are based on contributions made to the plan by you and UAMS, plus the growth or interest earnings of those contributions.

You will make a required contribution to the plan as a condition of employment. The required contribution is being phased in over five years: 1% starting July 2016 and increasing by 1% each year until it reaches 5% in 2020.

UAMS automatically contributes an amount equal to 5% of your salary to the plan (upon your completion of required paperwork). But if your combined required and voluntary contributions exceed 5%, UAMS will match your additional contributions up to 10% per pay period. This means you can get a dollar to dollar match on your contributions. You become “vested,” meaning you are entitled to keep the UAMS employer contributions, after working two years.

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Leave Benefits

Full-time employees are eligible for the following leave benefits. Part-time employees may be eligible for leave on a prorated basis. [Residents may not accrue leave the same as regular employees and should check within their office for additional information.]

  • 11 paid holidays annually
  • 12 days of annual vacation leave. Accrual rate increases at 3, 5, 12 and 20 years of service. (Monthly-paid, non-classified exempt employees accrue 22.5 days annually)
  • 12 days of annual sick leave
  • Up to 12 weeks FMLA Leave (under the Family and Medical Leave Act) for eligible employees
  • 1 day Children’s Educational Activities Leave for eligible employees
  • Military, Educational and Jury Duty leave

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Tuition Discount

Full-time employees and their families receive a tuition discount at all of the University of Arkansas campuses: UA at Fayetteville, UA at Little Rock, UA Medical Sciences, UA at Pine Bluff, UA at Monticello, UA at Fort Smith, UA Phillips Community College in Helena, UA Community College in Hope, UA Community College in Batesville, Cossatot Community College of the UA in DeQueen, and the UA Community College in Morrilton. Pulaski Technical College has been added to the discount.

You may take undergraduate and graduate courses (except professional courses) at UAMS** at 10% of the tuition cost (in other words, 90% discount). You receive a 70% tuition discount at the other UA campuses. Your spouse and unmarried dependent children enrolled at the University of Arkansas receive a discount on undergraduate courses: a 50% tuition discount at UAMS, a 40% tuition discount at the other UA campuses. The campus where coursework is taken is solely responsible for which courses are eligible and which courses, if any, are excluded from the discount.

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Medical Plans

UAMS offers two medical plans: Point of Service or Classic. Both plans pay benefits on a wide range of traditional expenses such as doctor visits, surgical services, pregnancy, emergency room services, hospital stays, and diagnostic testing. Our goal is to help you be healthy, so most in-network preventive services are covered in full, at no cost to you. Both plans are administered by UMR but are self-insured by the University of Arkansas. Prescription drug benefits are the same for either plan and are administered by MedImpact. Enjoy cost savings by choosing to come to UAMS for your care. The UAMS “SmartCare” benefit option is available under both the Classic and Point of Service plans. You’ll enjoy lower copays, deductibles and out of pocket maximum costs, as well as a dedicated employee concierge to help you make appointments.

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Dental Plan

The dental plan is designed to assist you in maintaining good oral health. The plan helps you pay for basic dental exams, restorative care, cleaning services, and preventive services. It also covers more intensive and specialty dental needs including fluoride treatments, extractions, oral surgery, crowns, bridges, spacers and implants. The dental plan is administered by Delta Dental of Arkansas but is selfinsured by the University of Arkansas.

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The vision plan, insured through Superior Vision, benefits those who have vision impairments and wear corrective eye wear. It helps lower out of pocket costs when you get an eye exam and purchase frames, lenses or contacts. There are also discounts for refractive surgery. You may enroll in the vision plan within your first 30 days of employment. Newly eligible family members (e.g. marriage) may also be added within 30 days. Open enrollment periods will be offered at the discretion of the carrier and are not guaranteed to be held annually. We offer two vision plans, Basic and Enhanced.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance provides a payment to family or other beneficiaries in the event of death. UAMS provides Basic Life Insurance to you at no cost. Coverage is equal to one times your salary, up to a maximum of $50,000, and is payable to your beneficiary in the event of your death. You may purchase an additional one, two, three, or four times your salary (up to a maximum of $500,000) by enrolling in Optional Life Insurance. Again, the benefit is payable to your beneficiary in the event of your death. You may purchase life insurance on your spouse and dependent children by enrolling in Dependent Life Insurance.

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Additional Benefits Available